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This still life was a spontaneous set-up. When I was asked why in the world I would put these things together I looked up the symbolism of the objects to see how I could justify putting them together. "Because I like it" isn't a satisfactory answer soooo...since , like Waldo Emerson said; "I believe that our human life is a journey from birth to death, expanding ever outward into larger understandings of the world and our place in it , until we no longer need our shells as our spirit unwinds from the body into the ocean of reality." I'll explain my symbols according to myths

the spiral sea shell symbolizes the circlings of the soul, which eventually return to the center or truth.
The poppy is a symbol of sleep unto death and the bright scarlet color signifies the promise of resurrection after death.

The string of beads is for the thread of life that tie all things together.
The Buddha head is the seat of the enlightened life force within us.

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