title:  VICTORY
Soldiers and Sailors Monument (Cook Monument)
oil commission
aerial photo resources by Randy Heaton

I wanted to show  Victory, the part of the monument that is difficult to see, when the monument is seen from the ground.
The Soldiers and Sailors Monument has a granite figure of Victory with bronze figures of  sentinel and  sailor from the Civil War and was dedicated on 5/30/1889.  The memorial was made possible through a bequest from the estate of Albert G Cook, a president of the First National Bank of Seneca Falls.  He wanted to leave something that would be a monument to the brave soldiers and sailors who gave their lives for our country.


Sabreia age 8

Oil, 11"x14" on panel
from a photo that I took on her birthday - she had to have her hair hanging down in her face.  Very opinionated already and it made for an interesting portrait.


Paintings for Montezuma Wildlife Refuge

Long Eared Owl and a Golden Eagle were painted for the annual Montezuma Wildlife Refuge Show.
These are in oil, 8"x10" and I am thrilled that they both sold at the opening.


The deck project Tom, Steve

The deck project Randy,Samson,Me,Simeon,Ralph

deck project Mike,Mahlah,Liz,Leia,J

deck project,Esther,Donny,Domnick,Caleb,Brenda

The deck project,Amber,Alisha,Domnick,Adam,Adah

At the Illustrated Artist Trading Card site I took the challenge to paint a complete deck of cards. This project is unusual in the trading site because the cards are to be kept and not traded with the other painters, therefore, I am at liberty to do something that might not appeal to someone else - like portraits of people who are significant to me. So I chose to do oil portraits of family, friends, and others who have had an impact on my life and surround them with a border of Haiku (5 syllables, 7 syllables, 5 syllables). I had the subject draw a card (poker size) from the deck and that's the card I chose to paint them on. If they were unavailable I drew for them. Will be posting them as I am able.


Lodi Historical Society 15th Annual Invitational Art Exhibit

Featuring Artist Sandra Tascarini

July 4 - Opening Reception 7pm to 9pm

(Happy to announce 3 of my paintings were purchased at the opening ;)

Dave the Painting Guy (52 years young)

David Darrow is "Dave the Painting Guy" and during his birthday show generously shared his resource photograph with his viewers to allow them to paint his portrait while he worked on his self portrait.

As usual, my photography of the painting could use improvement, however, this is a photo of my painting.

Dave paints on u-stream, usually portraits, and he invites one and all into his studio to chat and paint with him. I highly recommend him and his show.

This is 11"x14", oil


Dave's Bearded Man

I took an online workshop with David Darrow,

"Dave the Painting Guy", and this painting is the result.

It was an intense and valuable weekend and all of the participants, beginners to advanced, enjoyed themselves while learning.

I recommend watching his painting demonstrations and workshops wholeheartedly.


11" x 14" oil on panel

photographic resource by David Darrow


Art In Hand ATC Show

Burlington County Annex Art Gallery PO Box 6000 Smithville Road Mount Holly, NJ 08060609.265.5068Hours:
(during exhibits)Mon-Wed & Sat 11:00–3:00Sundays1:00-4:00 with paid Mansion Tour

Over 1,300 cards by 143 artists from 9 countries!
ATC Exhibit Award Winners

Best Painting
Sandra Tascarini Seneca Falls, NY



Mary Lee Welch, Corning Community College

This is a miniature oil on panel. 3.25" x 6"
This painting and the larger one will be on display at the Corning Community College in February 2009

Mary Lee Welch, Corning Community College

Oil on panel


Ithaca Street Painting Photos

Lindsey Bergquest and I participated this summer in the First Annual Street Painting in Elmira, NY. It was a new venture for us since neither of us had any experience with street painting and didn't quite know what to expect. The pastels were provided and I'm hoping to convince her to "play" again this year.

We tried to make the perspective of the design so that if you stood at a certain point the mime would look like it is really sitting on the ball in the street. Unfortunately it rained the second day and washed it all away before we could complete it.

To see the other festival pictures see the link below. This is on page 13.



Miniature Art Alien Trading Cards

Mother Ship from Squirm, Princess Hanna, Princess Sabreia, and Prince Donny from Squirm..........

Art Cards designed for atc trade. Watercolor, colored pencil and marker. 2.5"x3.5"


Art Cards 2.5"x3.5" Miniature Art

Wizard painted for Nicky
Hansel & Gretel painted for Luvloz

Woodland Fairy painted for Juany

Peter Pan for Organic Mama

Watercolor, ink, colored pencil


1800s Waiting for Baby

Commissioned for exhibit at the Seneca Museum, Seneca Falls, NY (Birthplace of women's rights) for 1800's exhibit.
Oil 16"x20"


Mourning 1848

Commission for the 1848 Clothier Exhibit in Seneca Falls, NY
The challenge for this painting was to put a human form inside the clothing that is too fragile to wear. I chose this dress to paint because I liked the black and white with the tiny touch of brilliant green in the brooch.
The original dress may be seen at the Waterloo Historical Society - "The Birthplace of Memorial Day"

Summer Bride in 1848

Commission for the 1848 Clothier exhibition in Seneca Falls, NY.

The original dress may be seen at the Waterloo Historical Society in Waterloo, NY - "The Birthplace of Memorial Day"


Onion, Spud, Rosemary & Bug

This little painting was done in oil from life (except for the bug).


Little Girl in 1848

This is a commission for the 1848 Clothier Exhibit in Seneca Falls, NY - "The Birthplace of Women's Rights"

The challenge was to put the little girl in the dress that is too fragile to be worn. I had a little girl model a different dress with similar style in order to get the carriage pleats to have the correct folds and lighting.

The actual cotton dress can be seen at the Seneca Falls Historical Society.


Donna and Debra

Donna Frary and Debra Koziarski 2008


Bristol Cultural Center View



En Plein air painting.

Please be reminded that the colors may vary slightly due to a digital camera's results and depending on your monitor.





Painted with brush and palette knife at the Bristol Cultural Center, NY

Please be reminded that the colors may vary slightly due to a digital camera's results and depending on your monitor.