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Tee Thompson said...

Ok.. now .. wow. Just wow. *reaches up and closes mouth*

I came to answer your question but I've been trapped at your blog looking at all your amazing art! Wonderful! Wow.

Ok... I have times when I just bring the bottle of ink.. but usually I bring little paint containers with the ink in it. Hmm.. Do you remember the paint by number kits that had those flip top paint containers? (they still might but it's been a long time since I got one LOL)

Well I found those containers, empty, at Hobby Lobby and I used those. I didn't cut them apart, so I have six inks in the little watertight thingies.

I Know! Technical right?

Thanks for visiting me

Nora MacPhail said...

Now that is an awesome idea! Marvelous. Magnificently painted too!