Mary Lee Welch, Corning Community College

This is a miniature oil on panel. 3.25" x 6"
This painting and the larger one will be on display at the Corning Community College in February 2009

Mary Lee Welch, Corning Community College

Oil on panel


Ithaca Street Painting Photos

Lindsey Bergquest and I participated this summer in the First Annual Street Painting in Elmira, NY. It was a new venture for us since neither of us had any experience with street painting and didn't quite know what to expect. The pastels were provided and I'm hoping to convince her to "play" again this year.

We tried to make the perspective of the design so that if you stood at a certain point the mime would look like it is really sitting on the ball in the street. Unfortunately it rained the second day and washed it all away before we could complete it.

To see the other festival pictures see the link below. This is on page 13.